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Captain Tom's 100-hour Responding Challenge

Updated: May 5, 2021

We've completed our 100 hours Respondathon for the #CaptainTom100 challenge. Over the 5 days non-stop responding with two specially equipped first responder cars, we helped 110 patients needing emergency medical attention in Nottingham, including a cardiac arrest.

Originally, we planned to provide 100 hours of continuous cover between both cars, but we’ve surpassed our expectations, had outstanding commitment from our scheme members and managed to have CFR17 and CFR18 both logged on shift responding for 100 hours individually! As a result of this outstanding achievement and to celebrate Captain Tom's generosity of spirit, we were fundraising 2000£ for our CFR scheme so we could continue to give life saving emergency care to those in our community during their time of need, ensuring that for them, 'tomorrow will be a good day'.

This event took place non-stop between 30.04.2021 and 04.05.2021 and involved more dozens of our Responders.

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