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University of Nottingham Co-Responders are currently not recruiting.

Unfortunately, we are not recruiting at the moment. Our recruitment cycle occurs every year in September but if you have any questions in advance please feel free to contact us.

You may also find the following FAQs helpful:

I'm not a University of Nottingham student, can I still join?

The scheme exclusively recruits students from the University of Nottingham and is unable to accept applications from those not currently registered as students. However, our colleagues at other local schemes may be able to accept your application - information can be found on the EMAS website.

Do you accept University of Nottingham Alumni?

The scheme exclusively recruits students but allows Doctors to continue to respond for us for one year after they graduate provided that they joined the scheme whilst they were still a student at the University.

Do I have to study Medicine or Nursing?

No, although our recruitment strategy does more actively target students studying these degrees.

I'm a final year, will you accept me?

There is a signficant investment made in training all of our responders by both the scheme and EMAS and so it is unlikely we will accept applications from those within 18 months of graduating.

What is the commitment?

EMAS set a target of 200 hours of 'on-call' time per year. You will also be expected to attend termly training sessions and an annual requalification.

How do I find out when you will next be recruiting?

We normally announce recruitment events on our social media pages. Following us on Facebook and Twitter is the best way to keep in touch. Alternatively, you can regularly check this page for updates.

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